The Latest on Rockstar Energy Drink

Craving an energy drink?  Some LGBT family members, friends or colleagues may have told you before to steer clear of Rockstar energy drink due to the beverage company's alleged connection with fringe anti-gay radio host Michael Savage. Not familiar with what we're talking about? Below is a brief recap about the chain of events that sparked this controversy.
  • On April 23, The Bilerico Project Guest Blogger Michael Jones posted a story here about the connection between Rockstar energy drink and Michael Savage. The controversial shock jock is known for his offensive diatribes that has previously put him in hot water with LGBT and immigrant community leaders.
  • A week later, attorneys for the beverage company threatened Bilerico with legal action for "factual inaccuracies." You can read about that here.
  • Other websites and blogs were contacted by the Rockstar legal team and threatened for similar reasons including,,, AlterNet and
  • Bloggers continued to follow the story including Daily Kos and The Consumerist.
  • The Rockstar attorneys also contacted Facebook over a few groups criticizing the beverage company, which were subsequently shut down for reasons similar to those listed above. Individual Facebook accounts were also deleted. You can read about that here.
In addition to the threats of impending legal action, a website called was set up to counter the claims made about the beverage company and its connection to Michael Savage. It looks very similar to the one created by
Bilerico Founder & Editor-in-Chief Bil Browning

Bilerico Founder & Editor-in-Chief Bil Browning

But now, according to Bilerico, the makers of Rockstar want to extend an olive branch to the LGBT community. On June 28, Bill Browning of Bilerico wrote:
I can easily say that the company is remorseful for their stupid lawyer's threatening tactics and wants to make good with the LGBT community. Look for an announcement next week hopefully.
Please stay tuned for more details. GLAAD will continue to monitor this story and post more information as it becomes available. Have an update to share with GLAAD? Send me a tweet at @Andy_Marra