What to Watch: Wednesday

Just what Wednesday needed...a new season of The Real World. And this time the housemates are in Cancun! Don't worry, gay cutie Derek will definitely be worth the watch. Plus, more foodie faves with four new master chefs battling for a spot at the Top Chef Masters Tournament.  

Wednesday, June 24

Gay housemate Derek

Gay housemate Derek on The Real World: Cancun

10:00 pm The Real World: Cancun, MTV (1hr) SEASON PREMIERE The Real World 22 is here and this time the roommates head down to Cancun, which leaves the door wide open for all sorts of antics. Openly gay housemate Derek is smart, cute, and on the prowl, so be sure to watch as he checks out all the local boys.

8:00 pm Be Like Others: Transsexuals in Iran, HBO (1hr and 30min) NEW This groundbreaking documentary explores life threatening and illegal aspects of being gay in Iran and the double standard it presents with the completely acceptable and legal practice of changing ones sex.

8:00 pm So You Think You Can Dance, Fox (2 hrs) NEW The top 16 dancers perform to decide who will have to dance for their life. The show often features out choreographer and Hairspray director Adam Shankman, among others. 9:00 pm Bad Girls, Logo (1 hr) NEW The hit British series continues delve deeper into the drama, love and betrayal that unfolds between the inmates, correctional officers, and prison administrators of the Larkhall women’s prison facility. 10:00 pm Top Chef Masters, Bravo (1 hr) NEW A new week brings four new accomplished chefs. This time it’s Rick Bayless, Cindy Pawlcyn, Wilo Benet and Ludovic Lefebvrenew competing for a spot in the Top Chef Masters tournament.