T.R. Knight Leaving Grey's Anatomy

June 18, 2009
Entertainment Weekly's master of anything and everything pertaining to television, Michael Ausiello, confirmed yesterday what had been rumored for months: T.R. Knight is leaving Grey's Anatomy.
R.I.P. George O'Malley

R.I.P. George O'Malley

From The Ausiello Files:  
Fall's still months away, but one of last season's bigger Grey's Anatomy cliffhangers has already been resolved: Sources confirm to me exclusively that T.R. Knight's wish to be released from his contract has been granted. The official decision, I'm told, came down in the past few days, just as many of his castmates began receiving their formal pickup letters from ABC.   Knight's departure would seem to confirm that George doesn't survive, although fans have wondered whether (creator Shonda) Rhimes is planning to pull an Elizabeth Reaser (Jane Doe/Rebecca) and have him live, only to be replaced by another actor, thanks to plastic surgeon Sloane's handiwork. That's "hilarious, ridiculous," the boss has said. However, I've heard that she was interested in having Knight appear in next season's first three episodes, but a short-term deal could not be brokered.
As if the season finale wasn't enough of a tearjerker, brace yourselves for a season premiere that is sure to put us all through the wringer!  So what's next for Knight now that he's putting our beloved George O'Malley to rest? A veteran of the Broadway stage, rumor has it he will return to his theatrical roots in a revival of the comedic play Lend Me a Tenor. Knight will be missed on Grey's, but whatever he does end up doing, we wish him all the best!