Bill O’Reilly Regarding Gays: “God made the[m]... that way, and I agree.”

Host Bill O'Reilly and guest Dennis Miller on the June 10 broadcast of The O'Reilly Factor.

Host Bill O'Reilly and guest Dennis Miller on the June 10th broadcast of The O'Reilly Factor.

Is Bill O’Reilly changing his tune on gays? On the June 10th broadcast of The O’Reilly Factor, O’Reilly said things like “God made the[m]. . . that way, and I agree” and “I don’t know what’s happening to our society. . . I’m not one of those guys that thinks you should be converting anyone to anything. . .[i]f they’re happy, they’re happy.” Then again, he and his guest, Dennis Miller, were discussing lesbian penguins, not gay and lesbian people (and making jokes at the expense of transgender folks, too). See the full clip here:

O’Reilly has a history of comparing marriage equality to inter-species marriage, polygamy and incest, and has made our Worst Anti-LGBT Voices of the Year list for the last two years. Recently while speaking to a guest, Margaret Hoover, on a May 12 broadcast about extending marriage to same-sex couples, O’Reilly told her:
“[Y]ou would let everybody get married who wants to get married. You want to marry a turtle, you can.”
And last year, O’Reilly said that Americans don’t want to see “homosexual behavior legitimized” in an on-air tirade against Whoopi Goldberg’s brief kiss with Katy Perry on The View in July 2008. But he also concluded during his June 10 show that an attempt at so-called “conversion” therapy for a group of lesbian penguins at a zoo in Bremen, Germany, was inappropriate:
I don't know — it's — I don't what's happening to our society, [Dennis] Miller, which is why I'm discussing this with you. No. 1, if the penguin is gay, leave the penguin alone. God made the penguin that way. And I agree. I mean, I'm not one of these guys that thinks you should be converting anybody to anything ... So why is the Bremen Zoo trying to make these penguins straight if, indeed, they are gay? Why bother? You know what I'm talking about? If they're happy, they're happy.
Will this compassion and support for lesbian penguins lead Bill O’Reilly to have more compassion and support for loving and committed same-sex couples?  Will he begin to realize same-sex couples are no different than their straight friends, family or neighbors and that they should be able to take care of and be responsible for their spouse just the same as any other family? One could only hope....