KRXQ UPDATE: Tomorrow's Show and More Advertiser Statements

As many know already from reading our previous update, the "Rob, Arnie and Dawn in the Morning" show will begin re-airing on Thursday, June 11. GLAAD will be listening to the show that begins at 10:30AM EST/7:30AM PST. We will be paying close attention to the broadcast. We have a few more breaking updates to share with you about what to expect tomorrow morning and the ongoing developments with advertisers pulling from the radio station. People can tune in here to listen to tomorrow's show featuring Pam's House Blend contributor and transgender advocate Autumn Sandeen and Trans Youth Families Allies Executive Director Kim Pearson. Please note the following information:
  • The live broadcast will last for 2.5 hours
  • There will be no commercial breaks whatsoever during the radio show
  • People may call in during the show at the following number: 916-766-1044
  • You can follow GLAAD Senior Media Strategist Andy Marra on Twitter during the broadcast @Andy_Marra
  • GLAAD will be releasing our statement on and soon after the show
GLAAD reminds its readers to be respectful and civil when calling into the radio station and expressing your views. In anticipation of tomorrow's show, GLAAD spoke with its sister organization, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN). The national organization advocating for safer schools recently released a report titled Harsh Realities that documented the experiences of transgender students in the classroom. GLSEN wanted us to share their statement that reads:
GLSEN is horrified and outraged by the hateful comments directed at transgender youth made on the ‘Rob, Arnie and Dawn in the Morning Show.’ Such comments are even more reprehensible in light of the fact that more than half of transgender students experience physical harassment in school based on their sexual orientation or gender identity/expression and more than a quarter experience physical assault. We can only hope that Thursday’s show will shed light on the need to make sure that transgender youth are safe in every school.
The Transgender Law Center also issued a statement about tomorrow's morning that you can find here. Earlier this afternoon, a GLAAD supporter also provided a tip about UC Davis Health Systems ending their relationship with the "Rob, Arnie and Dawn in the Morning" show. The university's medical institution released a statement that you can find here and here. In the statement, UC Davis announced their decision to pull all advertising from the station. They also ended their partnership with the station that annually raises charitable dollars for the Children's Miracle Network. The Sacramento Bee reported on the latest development immediately following the announcement. GLAAD also received a statement from Home Depot clarifying their involvement with KRXQ. The statement reads:
The Home Depot is neither a sponsor nor has it committed advertising to this program. However, our ads are occasionally heard on KRXQ as part of a national radio buy. We have shared your feedback about the morning program with the network and the station directly, and have asked them to look more closely at where our ads are running to ensure they are in accordance with our standards. We have strict guidelines in place to ensure the programs we support reflect the quality of our brand. Our advertising campaigns have one simple objective -- to communicate with audiences in the most effective way possible. Feedback from customers like you plays a large role in helping us to maintain these standards. Thank you for your interest in The Home Depot.
Local advertisers like Sleep Train and Guitar Center issued statements that you can find here and here. The LGBT community in Sacramento has been very active in leading efforts to contact local advertisers and urge them to pull their advertising contracts from KRXQ. The Sacramento LGBTQI Leadership Coalition, a local alliance of 15+ organizations has been coordinating on-the-ground efforts related to the radio station. The coalition provided GLAAD with the following statement about their reasons for mobilizing the community:
The hateful remarks against transgender youth made by two primetime Sacramento radio hosts was shocking and hurtful to members of our city’s vibrant and diverse LGBT community. Gay and transgender youth are at high risk of depression, alcohol and drug abuse and suicide due to homophobic discrimination and abusive environments many face in their schools, homes and among their peers. All in our community feel a deep commitment to doing our best to shelter our LGBT youth to the greatest extent possible from these destructive societal pressures. No child should have to be afraid of being hurt or harassed for simply expressing his or her identity.
Please stay tuned for more details. Please check back with us for updates on this developing story. Have an update to share with GLAAD? Send us a tweet on our Twitter account @glaad.