UPDATE: GLAAD Speaks with KRXQ Management

For those just now learning about this issue, please go here to read more about this evolving controversy. At 11:45am EST, Cindi Creager, GLAAD's Director of National News, and I spoke with the station manager at KRXQ.  GLAAD successfully made the case for a transgender person and a parent of a transgender child to appear on the Rob, Arnie and Dawn show. We are right now in the process of securing Trans Youth Family Allies Executive Director Kim Pearson and Pam's House Blend contributor and transgender advocate Autumn Sandeen for the broadcast. As yesterday's statement noted, KRXQ will be airing a special show on Thursday, June 11 at 7:30am PST.  It should be noted that Autumn was one of the very first reporters to shine attention on the May 28th segment alongside Huffington Post blogger Michael Rowe. KRXQ has assured us that the June 11th follow-up show will be conducted in a "frank and positive manner." It was explicitly stated to us that we will hear an apology from the radio hosts and listeners will be able to call in. As always, we remind everyone to be respectful and civil when calling into the show. GLAAD has additionally suggested a transgender media training with our community partners. KRXQ was receptive to the suggestion and we will further discuss this following Thursday's radio broadcast. Media have been continuing to follow the story, garnering national coverage. Local media outlets in Sacramento have been especially helpful in covering this story - including The Sacramento Press, FOX40 and The Sacramento Bee. Community blogs have also been extremely effective in sharing updates on this issue and mobilizing readers to take action. Finally, it should be noted that yet another advertiser has dropped their contract with the station. Guitar Center Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Norman Hajjar, directly reached out to GLAAD following emails from concerned community members. Norman has provided us with this statement to share with our readers:
Last Thursday, I asked our media agency to speak to KRXQ about the outrageous comments made by their morning on-air team. I wasn't satisfied with the station's response. So we decided to pull our dollars from the station. It's simple: wrong is wrong. We don't want our brand associated with such epic insensitivity.
Guitar Center now becomes the 11th confirmed advertiser to pull their contract from KRXQ. You can read more about the others here and here. Please stay tuned for more details. Please check back with us for updates on this developing story. Have an update to share with GLAAD? Send us a tweet on our Twitter account @glaad.