UPDATE: Snapple, Sonic & Chipotle Pull Advertising From KRXQ

In the wake of KRXQ radio hosts Rob Williams and Arnie States not apologizing for their offensive comments against transgender children, individuals continue to take action and share their concerns with the station. You can listen to last week's segment here and their follow-up to the controversy here. On June 2, GLAAD issued a Call to Action and today renewed its call for supporters to let KRXQ know that Rob and Arnie should apologize for their remarks. We have also been blogging about this story (here and here). Business leaders have also become alarmed by last week's defamatory radio segment and are distancing themselves from the shock jocks and their dehumanizing remarks. Individuals are utilizing social networking tools like Facebook to voice their concerns and alert companies of the harmful diatribe. At 1:33pm, I received an email from the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Inc. The company is responsible for well, Dr. Pepper and Snapple along with 40+ brands including 7UP, Country Time, Crush, Hawaiian Punch, Mott's, Orangina, Welch's and Yoo-hoo. Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Inc gave us the following statement to share with our supporters:
We found the segment to be offensive and as a result, we are pulling our Snapple advertising from the station. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.
As far as we know, the beverage company now becomes the second business to pull its advertising from KRXQ as a result of last week's defamatory and dehumanizing comments against transgender children made by radio hosts Rob and Arnie. The popular restaurant chain Chipotle Mexican Grill was the first to announce pulling their advertising contract from the station. Please continue to check back for updates on this developing story. --------------- UPDATE: At 4:00pm EST, GLAAD spoke with SONIC Corp, the largest chain of drive-in restaurants in the country. SONIC confirmed they pulled all of their advertising from KRXQ as a result of the offensive comments made on the "Rob, Arnie and Dawn in the Morning" show during their May 28 radio segment. SONIC provided GLAAD with the following statement at 4:45pm EST:
Sonic wants to assure you that the views of this station are in no way related to the views of Sonic. Sonic was alerted to the May 28th segment only yesterday and immediately began researching the segment, show and Sonic's planned advertising on the station. SONIC in no way condones violence toward children and does not wish to be associated with media content that condones or promotes such activity in any way.  We have decided to immediately withdraw advertising from this station and have notified the station of our decision.     
SONIC now joins Snapple and Chipotle in their removal of advertising on KRXQ. Please check back with us for more developments on this story. Have an update to share with GLAAD? Send us a tweet on our Twitter account @glaad.