"Day of Action" Planned for Freedom To Marry in New Hampshire

GLAAD's Senior Media Field Strategist Adam Bass traveled to New Hampshire this week to support the media outreach and communications efforts of the New Hampshire Freedom to Marry Coalition (NHFTM).  Adam will provide public education and communications support to NHFTM while they make their final push toward achieving the freedom to marry for same-sex couples in the state. NHFTM is planning a "Day of Action" to coincide with the legislature's next anticipated vote on HB73. This bill is one requested by the Governor of New Hampshire, as a condition to him agreeing to sign previously passed bills that would guarantee the freedom to marry. Today, a committee of conference approved the bill, and sent it to a June 3 vote of the full House and Senate. As part of our support of NHFTM to bring visibility to the "Day of Action," we are encouraging bloggers and media outlets to cover the "Day of Action" and bring attention to the stories of the couples and families that are at the heart of this legislation as a way to change hearts and minds about the issue of marriage in New Hampshire. Click here to learn more about more about the "Day of Action."  More information from NHFTM can be seen below:  

The Time is Now!

DAY OF ACTION:  Show your support for Marriage Equality, Individual Liberty, and Religious Freedom.

WHEN:  June 3, 2009 at 9 AM - The Vote

WHERE:  The State House Plaza, Concord

WHAT:  Time to Stand Up and be Counted

One Vote!  That was the margin of victory for the New Jersey based National Organization for Marriage's attack on Equality.  One Vote!  On June 3rd let's make history in New Hampshire.  This will be the final vote on marriage equality and it will be close - WE NEED YOUR HELP TO WIN!

Please join us as we gather on the plaza of the State House to ask our legislators to support marriage equality and to witness an historic day in New Hampshire.  This will be a time to thank the legislators who have taken a stand for all New Hampshire families by supporting individual liberties and religious freedoms, and ask them to vote yes on HB 73.