Meghan McCain Urges NY's GOP to Support Marriage for Same-Sex Couples

Meghan McCain, the daughter of former Republican Presidential candidate Senator John McCain of Arizona, pressed New York legislators to extend marriage protections to same-sex couples in an opinion piece appearing in Friday’s New York Daily News. McCain specifically called on the state’s Republican senators to offer their support and make the difference to pass the marriage bill. McCain made heartfelt arguments to back her stance putting a human face on the issue:
No matter how politically charged the discussions about marriage equality may get, the question is really a simple one: Do the rights and privileges we offer citizens include everyone in our country, or only some of us?
I believe that allowing gays and lesbians the freedom to marry is an idea whose time has come. Though my opinion is no doubt influenced by my family's public role in political life, I still approach this from personal experience, as I think most people do. For me, this is about treating all of my friends, and all of our brothers, sisters, children and grandchildren the same as I want to be treated. Equality under the law and personal freedoms are what make America the greatest country in the world, and they are core values that I hold as a Republican.
Meghan McCain and her father Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)

Meghan McCain and her father Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)

Along with her strong pro-marriage stance McCain also leaves no ambiguity about her steadfast political allegiance to the Republican Party noting that:
People may always have a difference of opinion . . . but championing a position that wants to treat people unequally isn't just un-Republican. At its fundamental core, it's un-American.
McCain, 24, has been blazing the media circuit as of late, challenging the Republican Party to reconsider its stance on such issues as abstinence and marriage for gay couples. On Monday night, McCain was the featured guest on Comedy Central’s, The Colbert Report where she told host Stephen Colbert:
I do believe the Republican Party can be a safe place for the gay community. . . If you go to the basic beliefs of the Republican party of keeping government out of your life, why can't that include marriage?
And what does Senator McCain think of his daughter’s perspective? In April Senator McCain had this to say to CNN about his daughter’s political opinions:
I love and respect my daughter, and I appreciate the fact that she brings fresh views and ideas and we need that in our party.
You can read Meghan McCain’s blog here.