CALL TO ACTION: Fox Entertainment and So You Think You Can Dance Judge Need to Apologize for Homophobic Remarks

GLAAD just issued a call to action, asking supporters to contact Fox Entertainment and call on So You Think You Can Dance judge Nigel Lythgoe to apologize for his snide, homophobic remarks during last night's program. From our call to action
During the telecast, Lythgoe said: "I think you probably alienate a lot of our audience.  I mean, we've always had the guys dance together on the show, but I've -- they've never really done it in each other's arms before."  Shortly thereafter, he added, "Do you know what? I'd like to see you both dancing with a girl." 
Lythgoe later wrote on Twitter: "The same sex ballroom guys did remind me of 'Blades of Glory.' However, I'm not a fan of 'Brokeback' Ballroom."
You can watch for yourself below:

Judge Nigel Lythgoe

Neil G. Giuliano, President of GLAAD had this to say about Lythgoe's remarks:
It's unacceptable for this kind of blatant homophobia to occur.  Fox Entertainment and Nigel Lythgoe owe Misha, Mitchel and the whole LGBT community an apology.
After contacting Fox, a representative at So You Think You Can Dance told GLAAD they are passing along our concerns and will get back with us. 


Contact Fox Entertainment.  Call on them to listen to and discuss our community's concerns -- and call on Nigel Lythgoe to apologize for his snide, homophobic remarks.
Jason Clark Vice President, Fox Publicity