Adam Carolla Makes Ill-Informed Remarks on Gay Parents

May 14, 2009
On the May 11 broadcast of the syndicated radio show Loveline, guest co-host Adam Carolla digressed from a caller’s question into a bizarre and misinformed rant on his perceived inferiority of same-sex parents.
CAROLLA: We just get it spoon-fed to us [that] everything’s great, everything’s perfect, there’s no difference between, you know a couple of dads, a couple of moms, couple of bis and a couple of pre-op transsexuals, and a mom and a dad…no difference. Now look, I’m all for gays adopting but let’s not mistake it for being nearly as good as a mother and a father. It’s not nearly as good as a mommy and a daddy… all things being equal, it is much better for a mother and a father to raise a child than it is two of anything, all things being equal.
Listen to the clip: 05-12-2009-loveline It’s unfortunate that Carolla misused his platform to spread misconceptions about gay and lesbian families. Virtually every credible authority on child health and social services (including the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Child Welfare League of America) has determined that a parent’s sexual orientation has nothing to do with the ability to be a good parent. Kids of gay parents are just as healthy and well-adjusted as other children. As a show popular with young people seeking love advice, it is Loveline’s responsibility to present their listeners with informed opinions. Tonight is Carolla’s last night as guest co-host. We urge you to contact Loveline and voice your concerns. Email the show: Call the show: 1-800-LOVE-191