AfterElton interviews Luke and Margie from The Amazing Race 14

May 12, 2009
Our friends over at AfterElton posted a great interview this morning with Luke Adams, the competitive gay and deaf contestant who place third with his mom, Margie, on The Amazing Race 14.
Luke and Margie should've won!

Luke and Margie should've won!

During the sit down, Luke sheds some light on why he was never identified as gay on the show:  
AE: Luke, from our interview with Mel White, we understand you are openly gay and wanted to be identified as such, but the TAR producers didn't want to. Do you feel they missed out on a chance to represent an extremely under-represented segment of the gay and lesbian community?  LA: CBS didn't want to add too many labels, a gay this or a gay that. Mel and Mike were very open about being gay, that was their team. I think the focus on my team with my mom was the fact that I was deaf, not that I was gay. I think they didn't want to confuse people by adding too many labels to me.  MA: [laughs] There are a lot of labels that could be on him! LA: A lot of people have misconceptions that I like Cara and Jamie, and that's not true. We're friends, of course, but my interest in them is not like that. [laughs]
Margie also relates the touching story of how Luke came out to her and tries to find her son a boyfriend. Something tells me Luke should have better luck in that department now that he's known and beloved to millions of devoted Race watchers across America!