Tammy Bruce Compliments Miss CA, Slams the "Gay Gestapo"

Openly gay radio Host Tammy Bruce and openly gay former Clinton Pollster Bernard Whitman recently appeared in a Fox News segment exploring so-called "Intolerance in the Gay Marriage Debate." Bruce used the opportunity to speak out against what she terms the "gay gestapo" or "far left framework." Whitman, who was met with resistance from Bruce, steered the conversation towards his position in regards to marriage and civil unions that "separate but equal never works." Bruce passionately disagreed. Concerning Miss California, Tammy Bruce stated:
"After that attack on the internet, it has become this really community wide attack on her and I think the hypocrisy is obvious. Now I also happen to disagree with her I think that we can find a civil union framework while respecting marriage. But ultimately, I do agree with her position, which I think is quite classic, that she has a certain position that she stated and respectfully said 'but I'm glad people can decide for themselves.' Quite an opposite message is coming from what I term the gay gestapo, which is the far left framework, which ultimately smears every gay person."
Video below:

h/t Media Matters for America