Fox News Fear-Mongering, False Claims that Hate Crimes Bill Will Protect Pedophiles

Fox News hosts Sean Hannity and Bill Hemmer have been busy the past two days advancing their false claims that Democrats voted to protect and defend pedophiles by voting against an amendment to the bill by Rep. Steve King (R-IA) stating that "the term 'sexual orientation' shall not include pedophilia." As Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) said during an April 23 House Judiciary Committee hearing, and Media Matters noted:
the term "sexual orientation" is already defined by federal statute as applying only to "consensual homosexuality or heterosexuality," thereby excluding pedophiles, who engage in nonconsensual sexual relationships with children. Baldwin added that it "is unnecessary and, I would add, inflammatory in terms of insinuations.
Now that the amendment has failed, Hannity and Hammer along with King, have done their best to spread their highly incendiary falsehoods and inspire fear. Video below:
h/t to Media Matters for America