What to Watch: Monday

Lots of great TV tonight, people! Georgina continues her reign of terror on Gossip Girl while a tantalizing lesbian storyline kicks off tonight on Greek!

Can you blame Robin for being smitten with this?

8:00 pm Dancing with the Stars, ABC (1 hr, 30 min) NEW Another round of dancing, another round of crazy moves in loud costumes. Gay judge Bruno Tonioli evaluates the couples with a rapier-like wit. 8:00 pm Gossip Girl, The CW (1 hr) NEW Georgina continues her reign of terror on the Upper East Side. 8:00 pm Greek, ABC Family (1 hr) NEW Ashleigh’s big sis, Robin, returns to Cyprus-Rhodes for a friend’s wedding. While all the guys are drooling, little do they realize that it’s Rebecca who catches her eye. 9:30 pm Sophie, ABC Family (30 min) NEW Sophie goes into business with her mother, sparking chaos between the two women. Where’s Sophie’s gay BFF Matt to rescue her from this madness?