What to Watch: Thursday

April 30, 2009
Betty's Back, people! After a month-long hiatus, Ugly Betty finally returns to ABC tonight. And don't forget to check out NBC's Southland, a crime drama with a gay cop that's anything but stereotypical. > 8:00 PM Ugly Betty, ABC (1 hr) NEW After a long wait, Betty’s finally back! Our heroine is off to an Easter Egg hunt at her megarich boyfriend’s mansion, while Wilhelmina begins to suspect that little William may not be her biological son. > 9:00 PM Grey's Anatomy, ABC (1 hr) NEW Callie introduces Arizona as her girlfriend to her strict and disapproving father (guest star Hector Elizondo). Something tells me she won’t tell him that this ain’t her first rodeo. > 10:00 PM Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire, Comedy Central (30 min) NEW In this medieval spoof, Krod Mandoon has assembled a rag tag band of inept freedom fighters, one of who is gay warrior Bruce, the jailhouse lover of Krod's late mentor.

Tough-as-nails John Cooper

> 10:00 PM Taking the Stage, MTV (1 hr) NEW In this docu-series about students attending the School for Creative and Performing Arts in Cleveland, Malik is an openly gay dancer striving to make it big in hip-hop. > 10:00 PM Southland, NBC (1 hr) NEW If you’re not watching this show, you should be. John Cooper is a rough veteran cop who has all the trademarks of your typical “older cop” TV character – and he’s gay. This is groundbreaking stuff, people.