Massachusetts Clergy Debunk Myths

The Empire State Pride Agenda (ESPA), New York's statewide lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender civil rights advocacy organization, recently released the web video "Marriage Equality and Religion: The Massachusetts Experience." ESPA's "Pride in the Pulpit" staff invited Massachusetts clergy - the Reverend Nancy Taylor of Old South Church; the Reverend Thomas Shaw, Episcopal bishop of the Diocese of Massachusetts; and the Reverend Michael Wayne Walker of Messiah Baptist Church in Brockton - to discuss how laws that require civil marriage equality do not impact each faith tradition's ability to decide who they will or will not marry. In a  press release, Executive Director Alan Van Capelle stated: "The Empire State Pride Agenda is committed to refuting myths that have been articulated across the country about the consequences of marriage for same-sex couples. This issue is too important for our families and us to let them go unanswered in New York." Binary Data MJF5TREeliw