What to Watch: This Weekend

April 24, 2009
Your TV will be on fire this weekend, burning up from all the great stuff you'll be watching! Our picks: a Barbara Streisand concert, the TV Land Awards and, as always, Brothers & Sisters. Happy viewing! FRIDAY

Bianca and Reese, in happier times

> 12:00 PM All My Children, ABC (1 hr) NEW Bianca has returned from France, ready to forgive Reese for kissing Zach the night before their wedding day. We all know Reese loves Bianca, but is she willing to leave Pine Valley? Times vary; check listings. > 12:00 PM The Young and the Restless, CBS (1 hr) NEW The blogosphere has been buzzing about this, but today, it is finally revealed that Rafe is gay! Times vary; check listings. > 10:00 PM Real Time with Bill Maher, HBO (1 hr) NEW This no-holds barred news show is broadcast live, so you never know what to expect. Bill regularly discusses LGBT issues and features gay panelists and commentators, so check it out! SATURDAY > 8:00 PM Streisand: Live in Concert, CBS (1 hr) NEW If you missed Babs on her 2006 tour, watch the highlights from the comforts of your living room! > 9:00 PM Color Splash, HGTV (30 min) NEW Gay interior designer David Bromstad reworks living spaces. Tonight he shakes up a den by adding unexpected color where it will make the biggest impact. > 9:00 PM Groomer Has It, Animal Planet (1 hr) NEW Jai Rodriguez hosts this campy fave, with Huber and Bill as gay contestants. (Poor “Chicken Joe” was given the boot last week!) > 10:00 PM The Graham Norton Show, BBC America (1 hr) NEW Openly gay talk show host Graham Norton sits down with actress Gillian Anderson, actor/comedian Chris Addison and singer-songwriter Sinéad O'Connor, who probably won’t rip up a picture of the Pope this time because that was so 17 years ago. SUNDAY > 8:00 PM The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, HBO (1 hr) NEW Precious is Botswana’s first female private investigator. She has a gay hairdresser named BK who acts as a crucial means of emotional support.

Neil is the host with the most!

> 8:00 PM TV Land Awards, TV Land (2 hrs, 30 min) NEW Neil Patrick Harris hosts the seventh annual ceremony, which recognizes the best in television from years past. With Don Rickles as one of its honorees, you know it’s going to be an uproarious event. > 8:00 PM Any Dream Will Do, BBC America (1 hr) NEW Contestants compete for the lead in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in a production on London’s West End. One of the judges is openly gay actor/singer John Barrowman, with host Graham Norton. Only eight boys remain as the competition grows fierce. > 8:00 PM The Amazing Race 14, CBS (1 hr) NEW Lesbian contestant Kisha finished first with her sister last week while gay racer Luke is staying strong with his mom. Only a few more legs to go… Who will win the race? > 8:00 PM Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, ABC (1 hr) REPEAT Gay designer Eduardo Xol joins the team this week to help a family in Alabama rebuild their deteriorating home. > 8:30 PM Sit Down, Shut Up, Fox (30 min) NEW Andrew is a bisexual drama teacher at Knob Haven High. > 9:00 PM Desperate Housewives, ABC (1 hr) NEW Secrets abound on Wisteria Lane this week, as Lynette hides something from Tom, Gaby covers for her husband, Orson lies to Bree and Susan reveals her truth to Dave. The scandal! > 9:30 PM American Dad!, Fox (30 min) NEW After Steve is kicked off the football team (by his own dad!) he joins forces with Roger to form a team of misfits that threaten the school championship. > 10:00 PM Brothers & Sisters, ABC (1 hr) NEW How are our boys faring after last week’s Indecent Proposal? Will Chad make another appearance to heat things up in Kevin and Scotty’s apartment?