What to Watch: Thursday

April 23, 2009
We like everything airing tonight, so you'd better get those DVRs handy! Samantha Who? has a ridiculous and funny gay storyline cooking, while our new favorite cop show Southland comes on at 10. And don't forget Taking the Stage on MTV. It's powerful stuff! > 8:30 PM Samantha Who?, ABC (30 min) NEW Andrea has agreed to marry gay basketball star Tony Dane in exchange for all the free loot and publicity. Unabashed, she is followed by a camera crew doing a show on celebrity weddings. > 10:00 PM Taking the Stage, MTV (1 hr) NEW In this docu-series about students attending the School for Creative and Performing Arts in Cleveland, Malik is an openly gay dancer striving to make it big in hip-hop. > 10:00 PM Southland, NBC (1 hr) NEW Rookie cop Sherman finally opens up to gay veteran Cooper as to why he joined the force.