GLAAD Issues Statement on Angie Zapata Murder Verdict

Today, GLAAD and President Neil G. Giuliano issued a statement on the verdict in the murder case of Angie Zapata.  The jury found Allen Andrade guilty on four counts including first-degree murder and hate crime charges:
Today's verdict was about justice for Angie Zapata, although no verdict will ever be able to heal the tragic loss experienced by Angie's family.
The past few months have offered Greeley residents, as well as people throughout Colorado and across the nation, an opportunity to better understand transgender lives and the horrifying reality of anti-transgender violence.  Media coverage of this case has played a vital role in broadening that understanding, and it has helped more people understand the importance of a fully inclusive hate crime law like Colorado's.
You can follow the media coverage of the trial and verdict here: . Also, for more information on Angie’s story, visit If you are a journalist covering the trial and verdict, make sure to read GLAAD’s Resource Kit. *UPDATE: Below is some recent media coverage on the news of the verdict:

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