GLAAD Stands With One Iowa in Opposition to Anti-gay Ad

GLAAD sent an email to members today, urging them to stand with One Iowa against an ad campaign being run by the anti-gay activist group the National Organization for Marriage.  From the email:
"The distorted, misleading claims of the National Organization for Marriage do one thing and one thing only – perpetuate a climate of hostility and fear that will put committed couples in harm's way," said GLAAD President Neil G. Giuliano. "We stand in support of One Iowa and our partners on the ground and urge our community to speak out against these divisive attacks."
One Iowa needs your support! Please visit their site and review their petition:
Out of State organizations attacking the freedom to marry in Iowa! The same right-wing organizations who spent millions to pass Prop. 8 in California are now spending their money in Iowa! Sign this petition and send a strong message that Iowans oppose out of state groups from using their money and influence to take away the rights of Iowans!