Eyes Are on Vermont Today

From Queerty:
On Monday, Vermont Governor Jim Douglas vetoed the bill passed by the both branches of the legislature, which allowed gay marriage in the state. Minutes after his veto, Senate leaders promised to override it, with only one member planning on rejecting to the measure. Today, all eyes are on the House, which is expected to take up the gay marriage bill at 10:30am this morning.
You can go to WPTZ.com or Burlington Free Press to watch the debate live from Vermont. *UPDATE: Burlington Free Press: Vt. legalizes gay marriage with veto override *UPDATE: GLAAD President Issues Statement:
Today’s decision is an important step, and affirms the enduring commitment of so many gay and lesbian couples in Vermont. As people come to know the stories of the couples at the heart of these decisions, we are seeing the kind of culture change that creates this progress – progress that ensures that all people, regardless of their orientation, are protected equally under the law.
GLAAD encourages media reporting on this story to include the stories of these Vermont couples whose love and commitment is at the center of today's vote.
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