What to Watch: Monday

April 6, 2009
There's a new Dancing with the Stars and a new Sophie, but we'll admit that our hearts belong to GRΣΣK. It's nominated for a GLAAD Media Award for Oustanding Comedy Series -- check it out!

Calvin and Rusty, putting the Geek in Greek

> 8:00 PM Dancing with the Stars, ABC (2 hrs) NEW Another round of dancing, another round of ugly moves in loud costumes. Gay judge Bruno Tonioli evaluates the couples with a rapier-like wit. > 8:00 PM GRΣΣK, ABC Family (1 hr) NEW Is it just us, or has gay frat boy Calvin grown up really nicely over the summer? Why are the boys not fawning all over him like last semester, huh? > 9:30 PM Sophie, ABC Family (30 min) NEW Sophie is a talent agent who's just been dumped – just days before having a baby. Her gay BFF (and OB/GYN!?!), Matt, will surely help her through this trying time.