Gay Couple's Honor Defended in Sports Bar

March 26, 2009
New Jersey

New Jersey

The news/entertainment program "What Would You Do?" recently aired a segment involving a gay couple at a sports bar. The premise behind the show is to have performers act out ethical dilemmas and videotape the responses of the public. This past Tuesday, the show's segment entitled, "Would You Help This Gay Couple?" was filmed at a sports bar in Linden, NJ. Real-life gay couple and actors Dusty St. Amand and Dominic Benevento sat at a bar like any other couple, holding hands, hugging and kissing. Another set of actors portrayed a straight couple sitting across from them. And finally, another actor, Vince August, was hired to play a homophobic bar patron. Throughout the segment Vince August would make homophobic comments trying to egg on other patrons to denigrate the gay couple. However, most of the patrons came to the gay couple's defense. One man told August to pipe down, turned to the couple and said, "You don't have to go, you didn't do anything wrong. I think you're beautiful." And one woman was so upset at August's comments that she got into a shouting match with him stating, "You're making me uncomfortable. Nobody in this bar is making me uncomfortable but you." She was so upset with August's homophobic attitude that she left the bar. While I've never been a fan of hidden camera journalism, it does have its place. For example, one patron remarked the gay couple was disgusting, but once the cameras were brought out he claimed he didn't care if the couple was there and kissing. The hidden news cameras were able to capture an unfiltered moment. You can watch the entire segment here: