Survey Shows Greater Support for Marriage and Civil Unions Among Young Evangelicals

March 19, 2009
A new poll of young evangelicals shows greater levels of support for LGBT issues. The poll of 2,000 young adults with conservative religious views in Political Research Associates’ Spring 2009 edition of Public Eye reported that young believers are more than twice as likely (24% to 10%) as their elders to support same-sex marriage. Another 32% support civil unions—totaling 55%.  Public Eye argues that the trend of coming out at a younger age to one’s friends is contributing to young evangelicals’ changing their perception to positive views on marriage for same-sex couples. An earlier survey, conducted by the conservative Barna Group in 2007, found that 80% of the 16 to 29 year old evangelical churchgoers who responded to the survey felt that present-day Christianity shows “excessive contempt and unloving attitudes towards gays and lesbians.” The Barna assessment also added that churches were not helping young people relate to their gay friends.