What to Watch: Wednesday

March 11, 2009
Wednesday is REALITY TV NIGHT, the silliest and most indulgent night of the week! Admit it: you love watching good-looking people whine about the people they have to live with! > 8:00 PM America's Next Top Model, The CW (1 hr) NEW This cycle of girls must’ve been busted in the eyes of Tyra and “The Jays” because it’s already MAKEOVER TIME! (Cue squealing.) > 10:00 PM Make Me a Supermodel, Bravo (1 hr) NEW Is there something in the water? Makeovers are happening over on Bravo, too! (Cue squealing from both girls and guys.) Fingers crossed for Sean, Chris and CJ, the queer contestants this season. > 10:00 PM The Real World: Brooklyn, MTV (1 hr) NEW The drama continues in the Brooklyn house. Watch for the three LGBT cast members: JD is gay, Sarah is bi and Katelynn is transgender. Tune in to watch history unfold!