Actor Won't Drink Milk, Will Drink the Kool-Aid

March 10, 2009
According to The Advocate, a Brazilian actor has refused to dub Sean Penn's voice into Portuguese for the local television broadcast of Milk, even though he's dubbed Mr. Penn's performances in 21 Grams and All the King's Men. The actor, whose name is Marco Ribeiro, is a pastor at an Assembly of God church in Rio de Janeiro and says that the film about martyred gay rights activist Harvey Milk clashes with his religious beliefs. "I did not feel comfortable with the job," Ribeiro said, according to Variety . "My voice is involved with other causes, and for the same reason I have refused to work on certain types of advertising." Milk is currently playing in Brazilian theaters with Portuguese subtitles, but will be dubbed into Portuguese for television. Riberiro will be replaced by actor Alexandre Moreno.