What to Watch: Thursday

February 26, 2009
Yeah, Grey's is a repeat, but don't despair: we've got new Ugly Betty, Survivor and Hell’s Kitchen! Stay home and watch your favorite gay and lesbian TV personalities!

Can Spencer Survive?

> 8:00 PM Ugly Betty, ABC (1 hr) NEW Betty and Marc get a look at Mode’s financial history. Something tells us it ain’t gonna be pretty. > 8:00 PM Survivor: Tocantins, CBS (1 hr) NEW Among those vying to be Sole Survivor is gay college student, Spencer Duhm. > 9:00 PM Grey's Anatomy, ABC (1 hr) REPEAT In this repeat from November, we meet Erica’s replacement, an expert surgeon with Aspergers Syndrome. It may look like Callie’s the only one missing her ex girlfriend, but trust us: we miss her too. Still! > 9:00 PM Hell’s Kitchen, Fox (1 hr) NEW 13 chefs remain to obtain the “head chef” position at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City. One of the contestants is a lesbian from Las Vegas named LA.