What to Watch: Tuesday

February 24, 2009
Romance must be in the air, because we've got two weddings tonight: One is between Marco and his longtime boyfriend, Keith, on Privileged. The other is between lesbian anaethesiologist Liz and her womanizing boss, Christian on Nip/Tuck. Here's hoping the latter couple gets cold feet... > 9:00 PM Privileged, The CW (1 hr) SEASON FINALE Marco takes off his chef’s cap for the day to get hitched to his longtime boyfriend, Keith. Of course, they couldn’t do it without the help of their wedding planner, played by none other than Kathy Griffin. > 10:00 PM Nip/Tuck, FX (1 hr) NEW Liz must be stopped! She’s agreed to marry Christian, she’s trying on wedding gowns… When will someone slap some sense into that woman? > 10:00 PM Chopped, Food Network (1 hr) NEW Ted Allen hosts this food competition show in which cheftestants compete to make extraordinary three-course meals out of everyday ingredients. Tonight, they get out their tiny knives to carve up quail. > 11:00 PM 10 Items or Less, TBS (30 min) SEASON FINALE Richard is the gay cashier for Greens and Grains.