OSCAR WATCH: Who Supports Marriage Equality?

February 22, 2009
As promised, we're on the hunt for who will be wearing white knots at the Academy Awards today, symbolizing their support of marriage equality. Emile Hirsch (of Milk fame) was the first to walk the carpet sporting the white knot, around 2:30 pm PST. 3:54 pm -- Josh Brolin (also from Milk, nominated for his portrayal of Harvey Milk's assassin, Dan White) has a white knot firmly pinned to his lapel. 3:56 pm -- Gus Van Sant (Oscar-nominated director of Milk) is also spotted with a white knot. 4:09 pm -- Milk's nominated composer Danny Elfman is the first Milk man to be spotted without a white knot. Hmmm. 4:14 pm -- Anne Hathaway (Rachel Getting Married) just arrived. Apparently, she promised to wear a white knot, and yet I see no knot in sight. Perhaps her ivory dress is one giant white knot? 4:17 pm -- James Franco is in attendance. He won for his role in Milk last night at the Independent Spirit Awards, but I see no knot. 4:18 pm -- Sean Penn just pulled up in his limo. No knot. Sigh. 4:21 pm -- Got another look at Anne Hathaway. She's clutching the hand of an older gentleman, who is proudly wearing a white knot! Annie, please accept our apologies for doubting your commitment to the community. If you aren't going to wear the knot, we're happy you made your date do so. 4:30 pm -- E!'s Ryan Seacrest interviews white-knot-clad nominee Josh Brolin. He says, "I think Harvey Milk was an inspiration -- a massive inspiration. Had he stayed alive, had he not been killed, I think a lot of people would have lived through the AIDS crisis, a lot more people than who died. You know, there's not a lot of heroes anymore, and he was one of the great last heroes that we had in this country." 4:44 pm -- We were hoping that Brad Pitt would be wearing a knot to the Oscars, as he was one of the biggest supporters in the No on 8 campaign, but alas, the nominee is knotless tonight. 5:16 pm -- Looks like the interviews are winding down, so we'll sign off for now. Maybe a surprise presenter will come out with a white knot added to his or her outfit... One can hope! Marriage equality for all! UPDATE, 6:02 pm: Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black proudly displayed his knot onscreen!