CALL TO ACTION: Sean Delonas & The New York Post

From Good As You to Pam's House Blend to Joe.My.God to Gawker to The Huffington Post and almost everywhere else on the intertubes, you can read about the brewing controversy surrounding Sean Delonas' recent cartoon in the New York Post.  The cartoon depicts police having shot and killed a chimpanzee while making reference to President Obama's recently passed economic stimulus bill. The cartoon has sparked widespread anger and outrage, and community leaders have coordinated ongoing protests of the New York Post. GLAAD's President had this to say about the controversy:
Sean Delonas has a history of defamatory work and we stand with those who decry this recent cartoon as unacceptable and a vicious portrayal that neither enlightens nor entertains. It's unacceptable that the New York Post continues to provide a platform for such instances of hateful defamation.
Below is a slideshow (images available here) of Delonas' defamatory and anti-LGBT cartoons.

As we mentioned yesterday, Delonas has been the subject of three separate GLAAD Action Alerts for his continued juvenile and defamatory treatments of LGBT issues as well as making the "Worst" on the "Best and Worst" list on several occasions. This year he was named to GLAAD's "Worst Defamation of 2008" list. Today, GLAAD has issued a Call to Action for members and an Eye on the Media to raise awareness for Delonas' history of anti-LGBT cartoons. From today's Call to Action:
GLAAD is calling on our community members and allies to stand up and join those who are speaking out against the New York Post and News Corp.'s continuing promotion of Sean Delonas' hateful defamation. Demand that News Corp. hold the New York Post and Delonas accountable for their defamatory representations, and that the Post stop providing a platform for such vile, abusive attacks.
Contact: Mr. Col Allan Editor In Chief New York Post Phone :  212-930-8272 Email:
Teri Everett, Senior Vice President Corporate Affairs & Communications News Corporation Phone:  212-852-7070 E-Mail:
Jack Horner, Director Corporate Affairs & Communications News Corporation Phone:  212-852-7952 E-Mail:   
We urge you to please contact the Post today.