Look for the White Ribbons on Sunday

February 19, 2009
There's a new ribbon making the awards circuit. It's a white knot, symbolizing support of same-sex marriage. All of the high-profile nominees have been sent ribbons by the WhiteKnot.org campaign, in the hopes that they will wear them at Sunday's Academy Awards ceremony. According to Frank Voci, the man behind the campaign, Anne Hathaway has said she will wear a ribbon, along with some of the Milk nominees. "They all get the poignant timing and the March 5 court date," Voci told Daily Variety, referring to the day that the California Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments on wether to overturn Proposition 8, which passed last November and bans same-sex nuptials in the state. Voci founded WhiteKnot a week after Prop 8 passed, and estimates that his team has given out 20,000 - 30,000 ribbons. Variety writes:
Obviously, the idea is to get at least one or two names to wear one at an award show, and the trend snowballs. That's what happened back in 1991, when the group Visual AIDS handed out the inverted V red ribbons for stars to wear at that year's Tony awards, symbolizing awareness of AIDS at a time when the disease still carried a heavy stigma. The trend quickly spread to the Emmys, Grammys and Oscars, to the point where they became ubiquitous not just at ceremonies, but even at non televised events or even average Joes on the street. While the white ribbons also are a means of polite protest, they also evoke a bitter, polarizing electoral battle, the subject of continued demonstrations and threats of boycotts. While Proposition 8 supporters in entertainment were few and far between, they do exist. Ironically enough, at the Grammy party, photographers snapped a picture of [Dave] Grohl, ribbon on his lapel, chatting up Pat Boone, a vocal supporter of Prop 8.
We'll have our eyes peeled for who is wearing the white knot on Sunday, with full dish Monday morning. Come back and read all about it!