GLAAD To Be Part of Dinah-Mite Weekend

Our friend Mariah Hanson, the founder of the legendary "Club Skirts presents The Dinah", has once again delivered a line-up for the Dinah Shore weekend festivities that can only be described as ‘Dinah'Mite.' This year's events will be held April 1-5 in Palm Springs for  lesbian participants from around the global. 

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Grammy nominee Katy Perry will be taking a break from her World Tour and dance sensation Lady Gaga will be departing from the Pussy Cat Dolls "Dolls Domination Tour" to join the festivities, Saturday, April 4 during the "Hollywood Party" at the Palm Springs Convention Center. They join a line-up that already boasts Margaret Cho, Robin S., Indigo Girls, Jill Bennett, Elizabeth Keener, Suzanne Westenhoefer, Uh Huh Her, Yo Majesty, God-Des and She, Fannius III, Erin Foley and Briana Stockton. Hanson began the weekend in 1991 and it quickly became a cultural phenomenon. Today, The Dinah is considered the largest lesbian event in the world, drawing over 10,000 participants. This year, GLAAD is proud to be the official charity recipient and we will be hosting our first ever reception at The Dinah. GLAAD and The Dinah will host a private cocktail reception at the Palm Springs Riviera on April 3, 2009 that will be attended by Mariah Hanson, as well as other special guests. Event attendees will receive a one-year membership to GLAAD and an entry into a raffle with prizes including backstage passes to meet one of the special guest performers of the weekend. The Dinah is expected to reach a new level this year as Hanson has booked the newly renovated Riviera Resort and Spa as the hotel host. The Riviera Resort and Spa recently underwent an estimated $90 million rejuvenation becoming a contemporary Mecca for world-class travelers. With the accommodations and huge talents, Mariah Hanson has ensured that this year's event will be unforgettable.   Tickets for the weekend can be purchased through The Dinah's site.  We hope you join us to see you in Palm Springs!