What to Watch: Tuesday

February 17, 2009
It's getting hot in here as the story between Liz and Christian on Nip/Tuck heats up, just like the ovens in Ted Allen's kitchen on Chopped. They're both on tonight! > 10:00 PM Nip/Tuck, FX (1 hr) NEW We’re happy Liz came to her senses, dumped Christian, moved to Miami, and went back to women. Unfortunately, it looks like Christian will be paying her a visit with a diamond ring in his pocket. > 10:00 PM Chopped, Food Network (1 hr) NEW Ted Allen hosts this food competition show in which cheftestants compete to make extraordinary three-course meals out of everyday ingredients. Tonight, it’s a real challenge when they must use canned peaches, rice cakes and beets. > 11:00 PM 10 Items or Less, TBS (30 min) NEW Richard is the gay cashier for Greens and Grains.