Beijing Witnesses Marriage Equality Event on Valentines Day

Millions of people celebrated Valentines Day this past weekend with their loved ones. Same-sex couples also joined in the festivities by participating in the National Freedom to Marry Week; the week-long event generated local activities taking place across the country in support of marriage for gay and lesbian couples.  This year's week was organized by Freedom to Marry, Marriage Equality USA and Join the Impact
A lesbian couple a part of the "mock wedding" in Beijing

A same-sex couple a part of the demonstration

Coincidentally, a similar event took place half-way around the world in Mainland China. The China Daily, a government-run newspaper covered a story out of Beijing involving a Valentine's day mock wedding featuring gay and lesbian couples.

Crowds gathered nearby Tiananmen Square to watch the demonstration with organizers handing out roses and resources explaining same-sex marriage. The wedding-themed event was performed to raise visibility and support for China's government to legally recognize same-sex marriage.

Reuters, The Wall Street Journal and the popular gay Asian portal also covered the story.

A same-sex couple participating in the demonstration

A same-sex couple participating in the demonstration

GLAAD's Asian Pacific Islander Media Program frequently works with the very same gay and lesbian advocates who organized the event. Last August, we at GLAAD offered important resources and urged reporters to take a closer look at China's LGBT community and its relationship to the country's human rights record during the Beijing Olympic Games. We also connected outlets including The Southern Voice and CBS News on LOGO with LGBT groups like Common Language and Aibai in China to share their experiences of being gay or lesbian in the communist country. As time passes and our work continues, we anticipate more exciting developments impacting LGBT people to come out of Mainland China.