American Family Association Buys Airtime on Local Broadcast Affiliates

Earlier this week, GLAAD was alerted to an hour-long paid infomercial that had appeared on local broadcast affiliates in Traverse City, Mich., and Charlotte, N.C.  Word of the informercial was picked up by blogs like Pam's House Blend and Joe.My.God.   The video was created and financed by the anti-gay American Family Association and features interviews with anti-gay activists who make a series of predictable, breathless, fear-mongering claims about LGBT people and equality. As you would expect, the video is propaganda, pure and simple — manufactured to perpetuate a climate of hostility toward our community and to create a culture where we are less safe, less secure, and where our families are put in harm’s way. Community members in Grand Rapids, Mich., and Columbus, Ohio -- where the AFA has been trying to place this video -- have been expressing their concerns to their local stations about why the public’s airwaves should not be used to sow seeds of fear, hostility and malice in the communities they serve.   Thanks to their outreach, affiliates in both of those markets have postponed their plans to air the video and are reconsidering its content.