Monday Night is Right by Cherry

February 9, 2009
With her role on the Fox series 24 as Commander in Chief, out actress and two-time Tony-winner Cherry Jones gets presidential. "It wasn't something I ever thought I wanted to do," she told the New York Post about making the transition from Broadway, where she won accolades for Doubt, to television. "To get to play the president of the United States is something that few middle-aged actresses could get a chance to do," Jones says. "I'm embracing all mediums. For the rest of my career, I hope to be doing everything." Meanwhile, she credits the series for enhancing her quality of life. "There's a thing called 'the weekend' that I've never had before. . .Dinner parties at night - that I've never had before. I think it's maybe called more of a normal life, which I've greatly enjoyed these last couple of months working on 24." Jones' partner of five years, actress Sarah Paulson (Studio 60), returns to television in March in ABC's romantic comedy Cupid.