"Nuke" Blows Us Away with a Great Interview

February 4, 2009
Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann, the two actors who play boyfriends Noah and Luke ("Nuke") on CBS' As the World Turns gave a strong interview to Advocate.com yesterday. Not familiar with the only gay male couple on daytime?
The actors who play Luke and Noah on <i> As the World Turns </i> received a GLAAD Media Award this year.

Van and Luke at the GLAAD Media Awards last year

Read on for all the juicy details... To catch the uninitiated up to speed, Noah and Luke have been together for quite some time, but they finally "sealed the deal" a few weeks ago by having sex. Though it was off-camera, the guys made it all-too-apparent they'd just done the deed and celebrated by sharing ice cream. (Awww!) According to Advocate.com:
The big day was met with controversy all over the Internet -- from soap pundits to mainstream journalists, many questioned the lack of promotion for the long-awaited moment from the powers-that-be at ATWT and Procter & Gamble (the show’s sponsor). Still, when the time finally came, Nuke fans were thrilled.
Though we highly recommend reading the interview in its entirety, here's some tidbits that are especially good:
Advocate.com: Now that it's finally aired, how do you think Nuke's first sex scene played out? Hansis: I think it was a natural progression for the characters at this point to sleep together. I think it’s a good thing that they did. The time was right. It is important to show that they take it seriously. I am glad the fans are so happy because that is the most important thing. Silbermann: I really liked the way the show handled it by not really having it with bells and whistles and fanfare… Hansis: Also, it was exciting for the fans not to have any “spoilers” on it, because I know there was a big fan group waiting for this moment. In this day and age, to keep that a secret is pretty cool. I think the fans enjoyed being surprised and shocked.
It’s important that gay romance receives fair cultural representation on television. Do you feel a responsibility in portraying these roles? Silbermann: The most important thing is that it’s a story for people who felt unrepresented on our show, or any show. Hansis: One of the most important things in the daytime medium, in portraying a couple long-term, is to give a voice to people who had not had a voice. Also, to show people who are not gay or who don’t have a personal connection to the story. They can form an empathetic connection to these characters. It helps people in that way.
Read the entire interview here. As the World Turns is nominated for a GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Daytime Drama. The series airs on CBS Monday through Friday. Check your local listings for air times.