Equal Rights Washington Using Youtube Videos to Change Hearts and Minds

With the budget crisis looming in the state, as it is in the rest of the country, Equal Rights Washington (ERW) knows that it’s now more important than ever for LGBT people and our allies to ensure LGBT measures maintain momentum. “One Minute for Marriage” is a campaign ERW has launched to put a human face on the issue of marriage. In 2007, Washington adopted a domestic partnership registry in the state for the first time. In 2008, the legislature expanded the protections the registry affords couples. However, though making these incremental moves in the law, ERW has never been shy about their intent to secure the right to marry for gay couples. Using on-line, Youtube videos, ERW hopes to put a human face on the issue of marriage for gay couples. They hope to harness new media to effectively convey to legislators a widespread support or marriage for gay couples, by every day Washington residents. GLAAD always encourages people to step up and share their story and use the media as a resource for effectively sharing messages, stories and ideas. “One Minute for Marriage” is an exciting new way for people in Washington to come together and raise many voices along with ERW and help change people’s hearts and minds around the issue of marriage.