What to Watch: This Weekend

January 23, 2009
CANCEL YOUR SATURDAY NIGHT PLANS! It is imperative you stay home and watch the Lifetime Original Movie Prayers for Bobby, starring Sigourney Weaver in what many are calling the performance of her career. Read more about it! Friday > 9:00 PM Friday Night Lights, NBC (1 hr) NEW Lesbian mayor Lucy Rodell confronts Principal Taylor on her decision to use the Jumbotron money to hire more teachers. The nerve! Saturday > 9:00 PM Color Splash, HGTV (30 min) NEW Gay interior designer David Bromstad reworks living spaces. > 9:00 PM Prayers for Bobby, Lifetime (2 hrs) NEW Get out the Kleenex and watch Sigourney Weaver star in this true story about a deeply devout Christian mother who, after her gay son’s suicide, devotes her life to LGBT activism. > 10:00 PM The Graham Norton Show, BBC America (1 hr) NEW Out Irish comedian Graham Norton hosts celebs from around the globe in this latenight talk show. > 10:00 PM Savage Grace, Sundance Channel (2 hrs) REPEAT Based on true events, this film tells the story of unabashed social climber Barbara Daly (Julianne Moore), who, after watching her marriage to a wealthy man crumble, later attempts to "cure" her son's homosexuality with tragic results. Savage Grace marked director Tom Kalin's return to Sundance 16 years after his first feature, Swoon, helped define "New Queer Cinema.” Airing as part of Sundance Channel’s “31 Days of Sundance” program. Sunday > 8:00 PM Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, ABC (2 hrs) NEW After an Iraqi veteran’s home is demolished by a tornado, the team rebuilds his family’s house on a new plot of land. Gay designer Michael Moloney appears in this very special two-hour episode. > 9:00 PM Big Love, HBO (1 hr) NEW Heather is Sarah’s devoutly Mormon best friend who secretly harbors a crush on her. > 9:00 PM The L Word, Showtime (1 hr) NEW In this Sapphic soapy drama, dare to guess who killed Jenny. (Or, depending on your opinion of her, who didn’t kill Jenny.) > 10:00 PM Desperate Housewives, ABC (1 hr, 1 min) REPEAT In this repeat from October, the now-successful Andrew sells his old clunker of a car to poor Gabrielle. > 10:00 PM The United States of Tara, Showtime (30 min) NEW In this new comedy about a woman with multiple personalities, Marshall is her sweet, sensitive son who has a crush on a cute boy from class.