Wednesday at Queer Lounge: Closing Day

January 20, 2009

Another great year of Queer Lounge wraps up on Wednesday. Join our prestigious guests for a panel about young film characters on the outside looking in. And if you're in Park City, we'll see you at our Homos Away From Home closing night party!


Wednesday, January 21, 2009, 12:00PM Noon

Panelists: David Brind (Co-Producer/Writer, Dare), Mary Jane Skalski (Prod., Dare, Mysterious Skin), Lee Daniels (Dir., Push, Shadow Boxer), Gabourey Sidibe (Actor, Push), and Steve Kelly (Dir., City Rats). Moderator: Kyle Buchanan (Film Critic, The Advocate, While strides have been made in mainstream acceptance and equality, LGBT youth often still grow up feeling marginalized. As any openly gay person can attest, this may profoundly affect the lives we lead, for both good and bad. One of the most important social contributions of film has been to expose audiences to life experiences far removed from their own and the common ground we all share. This year's festival films continue that great tradition: Included among the array of outsiders we see are high school students questioning their sexual orientation in Dare, an HIV-positive young girl in Push, and a young man who is both gay and deaf in City Rats. On this panel, filmmakers will discuss how they crafted identities for young characters on the outside looking in.