Huckabee Parrots Coulter’s Defamatory Phrase “pro-sodomy” on Fox

January 12, 2009
The caustic author Ann Coulter stopped by the Fox News Channel as she continued to peddle her new book, Guilty: Liberal “Victims” and their Assault on America. She started her press expedition on CBS News and NBC News the week of January 5. Her latest appearance was on Huckabee, the show featuring former Arkansas Governor and GOP presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee. In a ridiculous exchange captured by Media Matters for America, Huckabee tried to assure Coulter that he is conservative enough to get her vote should he decide to throw his hat into future presidential races. In trying to disprove Coulter’s notion that the former governor is not, in Coulter’s words, “pro-sodomy” and “pro-gay,” Huckabee told Coulter. "I am definitely not pro-sodomy. I promise. Scout's honor."
  Huckabee was apparently responding to Coulter’s column from December 2007, when she questioned Huckabee’s statements supporting the Supreme Court decision in Lawrence v. Texas, which decriminalized being gay in all 50 states:
"Huckabee claims he opposes gay marriage and says Scalia is his favorite justice, but he supports a Supreme Court decision denounced by Scalia for paving the way to a 'constitutional right' to gay marriage. I guess Huckabee is one of those pro-sodomy, pro-gay marriage, pro-evolution evangelical Christians. No wonder Huckabee is the evangelical liberals like."
It’s unfortunate that Mike Huckabee felt it necessary to dredge up old defamatory remarks by Coulter and feature them on his new Fox News Channel media platform. Should mainstream media ever consider painting Huckabee as moderate in future reports, they would do well to keep this item on hand.