Josh Brolin Sheds Light on Dan White

January 7, 2009
We know you've already seen Milk several times, and may even think you know everything there is to know about his story, but read on, as actor Josh Brolin, who portrays Milk's killer, has some interesting ideas about the man. Brolin was interviewed for The Enevelope, the awards section of the Los Angeles Times. The interview in its entirety can be found here, but we thought this snippet was most interesting:
LAT: A couple of times in "Milk" it is implied that Dan White might have been secretly gay. Did people from the time put forward this idea? JB: Yes, but it's all conjecture. Who knows? Maybe it was that, maybe it had nothing to do with being latent.... There were a couple times you'll see looks that Dan gives Harvey that were kind of indefinable. Is he looking at him to connect? Because he's desperate? Because he likes him? It's all possible.... I don't think Dan White killed Harvey because he was gay or because he was jealous that he was out and free. I think he killed him because it was the only tangible thing he had left that he could come by in his mind.
Josh Brolin has been nominated for several awards for his portrayal of Dan White. Understand why by seeing Milk, which is still playing in theaters. Got awards fever? Check out GLAAD's MILK Awards Central to get the latest on all the nominations and wins for this remarkable film.