Join the Impact: Saturday, January 10

Join the Impact is coordinating a nationwide protest of the Defenase of Marriage Act, or DOMA.  Here's information from the Join the Impact website: On Saturday January 10th, 2009 We ask you to join us in making the LARGEST IMPACT YET! Let's take our message all the way up the ladder to President Elect Barack Obama himself! On January 10th, we will come together as one UNITED FRONT asking the LGBTQ community to join us in signing an Open Letter to President Barack Obama, during a NATIONAL DOMA PROTEST. This letter will remind President Elect Barack Obama of the promises he made to us. It will also serve as a pledge from our community that we will hold him to his promises and help him achieve them.
We can’t just put a letter online and ask that people sign it. We need to take to the streets. As we all know… VISIBILITY IS THE KEY TO EQUALITY! Outreach & Education Will End Discrimination. We MUST Infiltrate, to Educate, and Stop Hate!
  • Find out who is organizing a DOMA Protest in your area. (Quick Link to State Page) If there isn't one, then volunteer to organize an event, or organize to collect signatures!
  • Download the Open Letter and take to the streets to gain signatures.
  • Get one million signatures (in total across the nation) by the end of the day on January 10th.
  • Mail the collected signatures to the JTI clearinghouse address BY DEADLINE: Join The Impact, PO Box 141491, Columbus, OH 43214
NOTE: If you can't organize a protest or one is not organized in your city (understandable with the holidays and all), then don't worry, you can still participate:
    • Sign up to organize a carpool in your area that gets everyone to the closest protest
    • Get a group of friends together to canvas your neighborhood to get signatures for the open letter.

The Point of this event...

... to gather at least one million signatures on an Open Letter to President Barack Obama

to be delivered to him on his first day in office.

The event itself will vary by location depending on organizers availability and local sense of how to best do it. Please make posts below to discuss ideas...

Join Us on January 10th for 1 Million Signatures to Repeal DOMA!

IMPORTANT: We all have to use the official letter and signature page (downloaded from this website) so that they can be joined together and sent to President Obama as one cohesive piece. If you are not using a letter that was downloaded from this website, your signatures will not be sent in.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that the signature be on the official signature sheet or one of the sheets provided on this site over the past 2 weeks. Due to many great ideas, the signature sheets have evolved since the first version. For those of you that took early initiative using an early version of the signature sheet, all of your hard work is still completely valid and extremely appreciated! Any signature sheet not made by JTI will not be valid for legal reasons.

HERE ARE THE DETAILS: Print one copy of the 'Open Letter to Obama" for each set of signature sheets: Show your signers the full letter.

Print as many of the signature sheets as you think you can fill, each page holds 20 signatures. Sheets with less than 20 will still be accepted.

Please ask your signers if they have already signed, try to avoid duplicates.

Your signers DO NOT need to include their address, only the ZIP CODE is required.

NO ONE will contact your signers, they are not going to be put on any mailing list.

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