What to Watch: Tuesday

January 6, 2009
Still a bunch of repeats on the tube tonight -- except with one delightful exception: A Double Shot at Love, MTV's bisexual dating show featuring Rikki and Vikki Ikki. No joke. > 8:00 PM House, Fox (1 hr) REPEAT Bisexual doctor Thirteen regularly endures the wrath of House. > 9:00 PM Food Detectives, Food Network (30 min) REPEAT Queer Eye's Ted Allen hosts a series looking at common food myths. > 9:00 PM Privileged, The CW (1 hr) REPEAT A live-in tutor deals with two spoiled twin sisters in Palm Beach. Their personal chef, Marco, is gay. > 10:00 PM A Double Shot at Love, MTV (1 hr) NEW Bisexual identical twins Rikki and Vikki continue to test the endurance of a group of straight guys and lesbian girls participating in ridiculous challenges to win their hearts. Seriously, people, this show is golden.