What to Watch: Tuesday

December 30, 2008
Still lots of repeats on TV in this holiday season, but two new episodes pop up tonight — and unfortunately they happen to be on at the same time! One bright shining light, guaranteed to bring you out of any food coma you may be experiencing: MTV's A Double Shot at Love. It is the gift that keeps on giving. > 8:00 PM House, Fox (1 hr) REPEAT House’s father dies, but he still has the wherewithal to lash out at everyone, including bisexual doctor Thirteen. > 9:00 PM Food Detectives, Food Network (30 min) NEW Queer Eye's Ted Allen hosts a series looking at common food myths. Just in time for New Year’s: Are you having troubles drinking your frozen margaritas too fast? Well, tune in and learn why the dreaded brain freeze happens! > 9:00 PM Privileged, The CW (1 hr) REPEAT A live-in tutor deals with two spoiled twin sisters in Palm Beach. Their personal chef, Marco, is gay. Tonight, he prepares a dinner for two, to help reunite Megan and her estranged father, but the plan is thwarted when a ton of uninvited guests show up. > 10:00 PM Eli Stone, ABC (1 hr) NEW Eli defends a transgender minister (actor Dallas Malloy) against job discrimination after he is fired from the pulpit. Will be available for viewing online beginning Wednesday at ABC.com. > 10:00 PM A Double Shot at Love, MTV (1 hr) NEW Rikki and Vikki, the bisexual identical twins, continue on their journey to find true love among a bunch of drunken, camera-hogging guys and gals.