New Year's Nuke for As the World Turns

December 29, 2008
Noah and Luke, aka Nuke, have had quite a roller-coaster relationship on As the World Turns. Anyone who watches daytime TV knows that's actually a good thing because a "happy" romance means the end of the line for a soap couple. It was just one year ago that daytime's first same-sex male couple was in the spotlight for what appeared to be producers' or CBS' hesitation to show simple acts of intimacy between the two men. The public outcry was deafening and brought some much-needed attention to the dying soap opera genre. It wasn't long before the two characters were kissing onscreen just like any of the soap's straight couples. They now kiss and kiss often, according to Van Hansis, the Emmy-nominated actor who has brought Luke to life with sensitivity. "They have had a peck at least, if not a kiss, in any episode they were in together, unless they were fighting and hating each other," says the actor. "When things are good, they are kissing." An interview with Van is featured in the new issue of IN Los Angeles Magazine, a must-read if you want a teaser to what is to come for the super couple in 2009. Van also says some pretty nice things about GLAAD (thanks Van!):
"The GLAAD Awards are fantastic! We have done it three years in a row. I remember last year, it was the first year Luke and Noah had blown up and become bigger than just soap opera characters. It’s great when you have a role that means something to people and that you are doing something for the good of what is happening in this country. I really applaud GLAAD for what they are doing, and I am very excited to help their cause on daytime."

The fan reaction to this couple has been incredible as witnessed by the many video mashups online. My favorite part of this one may just be the montage of images after the song is over. Check it out.

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