A New Year With Renewed Hopes

GLAAD wishes you the very best this holiday season.  Because of you, GLAAD is continuing to change hearts and minds with our media advocacy and anti-defamation work. GLAAD President Neil Giuliano has recorded the following video message on GLAAD's work in 2008, with a special call to action asking you to share your stories with families and friends this holiday season.

The upcoming year is so critical for our community to continue to be visible and speak out against defamation. We made tremendous progress in 2008, but as we move closer to full equality, our community will face tremendous pressure from antigay forces. Telling our stories, illustrating the injustices we face, and reminding people of the common ground we share is more important now than it has ever been. This is why GLAAD's work is so vital and your support is so necessary. Here's what your support helped GLAAD achieve in 2008: 
  • Over 2,000 LGBT advocates media trained to share their stories
  • 335 stories pitched by GLAAD were picked up by local, regional and national media outlets
  • 1,462 consults were held with allied organizations across the country
  • 1,390 meetings were executed with over 1,509 media professionals
Our organization exists because of generosity of people like you and we need your support now more than ever at this critical time in the movement. Whatever you do, PLEASE DON'T STOP GIVING. There are more stories to share, more media trainings to conduct, more hearts and minds to change and more people to share our message of understanding and acceptance. Equality is next and on the horizon, and your support – however big or small – is more critical than ever during this challenging economic environment. When you donate to GLAAD, your dollars help contribute directly to our programs and services. Gifts of $40 or more will help:
  • Create press releases for local LGBT organizations
  • Build toolkits for sports teams to interact with the media
  • Prepare spokespersons for television interviews
Gifts of $1,500 or more will help:
  • Honor people and programs for excellence in the media
  • Collect seasonal television data for the Network Responsibility Index
  • Issue Alerts for defamatory media content
  Gifts of $5,000 or more will help:
  • Produce Religion Faith and Values workshops for secular leaders
  • Fund expenses for a GLAAD fellow to monitor media for defamatory content
  • Produce and distribute a Spanish Language Media Resource guide to Spanish language print, online, and broadcast media
Please take a moment to view the video above highlighting some of the 2008 milestones and take a moment to make your donation today. On behalf of GLAAD, thank you for your support. Your role in our alliance strengthens us and renews our hope for 2009.