More Media Coverage of Rick Warren Inaugural Controversy

MSNBC: MSNBC News Live - Rick Warren & The Inauguration 12.18.08 04:43 pm - PFAW's Kathryn Kolbert, The American Prospect's Ezra Klein, and's Amanda Carpenter debate Obama's selection of Rick Warren as an inaugural speaker. Kolbert: "We're disappointed with the choice of pastor Warren primarily because he is opposed to many of the key constituents of the Obama electorate."

MSNBC: MSNBC News Live - Rick Warren Invocation 12.18.08 01:59 pm - NBC News correspondent Chuck Todd says Obama's decision to have pastor Rick Warren give the invocation at his inauguration is "almost like a final straw in what has been a very tense relationship between major gay Democratic power players and the Obama world. "

MSNBC: MSNBC News Live - Ann Curry & Rev. Warren 12.18.08 12:20 pm - Dateline co-host Ann Curry talks about her interview with Rick Warren. Curry claims that Warren was "worried" that if Prop. 8 failed, "it would prevent him from getting up on the pulpit and speaking out against same-sex marriage," even though the Calif. marriage decision had nothing to do with clergy.

ABC: The View - Elisabeth Hasselback on Rick Warren 12.18.08 11:17 am - The hosts of The View debate Rick Warren giving the invocation at Obama's inauguration. Elisabeth Hasselback claims Rick Warren "is a great choice," saying, "potentially maybe what President-elect Obama is trying to do is diminish the sort of negative cast that's on Christian evangelicals."