Many Wins for the LGBT Community Since Election

While much of the media is still concentrating on the passage of anti-gay legislation back in November, many gains for LGBT equality are being made across the nation.
  • Just yesterday, our community and elected officials made these changes!
    • Columbus, Ohio, and Binghamton, NY's, city councils both, extended their nondiscrimination laws to include discrimination based on gender identity and expression.
    • Sioux City, Iowa's, city council decided to delay action on a proposal that would publicly oppose marriage equality.
    • A federal judge denied Birmingham, Alabama's, request that the court dismiss an anti-gay discrimination lawsuit.
    • Ankeny, Iowa's, school board denied a request to bar children from reading the children's book And Tango Makes Three, which features two male penguins who raise a chick together.
    • New York's governor mandated that gay parents be allowed to appear on birth certificates.
With the discouraging losses on Nov. 4, it's important to point out all of our steps forward and to know that for the most part these issues have been covered by the media in a fair, accurate, and inclusive way. Fair media visibility of our community on the local level-everywhere from Florida to Alaska to Iowa-makes a big change in the way our neighbors perceive us. In addition to the media coverage in your community, sharing your story with your community helps change hearts and minds too! Check out GLAAD's Announcing Equality toolkit to learn all of the ways to share your story locally: